Children and teenagers in Israel are facing a new and dangerous reality. On the one hand, a market overflowing with countless tobacco and nicotine products from endless suppliers – in stores,
in chains, everywhere and at any time. On the other hand, tobacco and nicotine companies that spend huge amounts of money on marketing (overt and covert) that is aimed precisely at these ages with one clear, cruel goal – to create new addicts.

Facts you need to know

  • 1 Out of every 4 teenagers in Israel are active smokers 
  • 2 out of every 3 who try smoking before the age of 18 will become regular smokers
  • The age of initial experience is decreasing
  • Children and teenagers develop a quicker and stronger addiction Because their brains are not fully developed (up to the age of 25) 
  • The most commonly used tobacco and nicotine product among youth are: Electronic cigarettes, Hookahs and combustible cigarettes 
  • The first smoking product that children and teenagers try today is the Electronic cigarette

The most effective solution:

Preventing children and teens' initial exposure and experimentation

with tobacco and nicotine products

How do we do that?

Legislation and regulation

Promote relevant regulation, taxation and enforcement

Research and Development

Create and expand an applicable, innovative and insightful body of research

Monitoring and exposure

Continuously monitor tobacco and nicotine companies advertising and marketing channels

Education and information

Share reliable and extensive information to both parents and professionals