A healthy Israel
Free of smoking and Tobacco products

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The Smoke Free Israel Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing smoking among teens and youths. The initiative plays a central role in smoking prevention efforts in Israel, and as such it initiates collaborations on professional smoking prevention projects, cooperates with leading figures in the field, and enlists new organizations and institutions in activities aimed at preventing smoking among adolescents and youths. We see ourselves as a professional, informed and innovative center for preventative efforts.

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Most smokers begin smoking
at the ages of 13 to 18

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10% of the Israeli population will die prematurely of smoking-related causes

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One in five Israelis smokes

Modes of Action


Fostering a public debate about the State’s responsibility for public health in all that pertains to smoking and tobacco products


promoting dedicated regulation aimed at preventing teens and youth from being exposed to and experiencing tobacco products


Changing accepted norms and behavior related to smoking and tobacco among teens and youths in at-risk populations, and changing tobacco’s public image

אבינעם ערמוני מייסד

Avinoam Armoni

Mr. Avinoam Armoni is a management, strategy and resource development consultant for the academic, non-profit and philanthropic sectors in Israel. He has held leading positions in public administration and civil society, developed successful organizations focused on civil rights, education, and culture and the arts, and fostered corporate responsibility and collaborations between government, business and the non-profit sector. At present he is chairman of the executive committee of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Among the many positions he has held in the past are: special advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek, CEO of Beit Hatfutsot, Vice President for External Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Director in Israel of the New Israel Fund, and founder and Chairman of the Yedid Association for Community Empowerment. He has chaired the boards of several organizations, including the Israel Association of Community Centers, the Jerusalem Khan Theatre, the Midot association, the Benei Brith therapeutic center for children, the Technological College of Beersheba, and MATI Jerusalem. Armoni also directed the Gilo Family Foundation, advised the Edmond J. Safra Foundation and today represents Gandel Philanthropy in Israel. Mr. Armoni holds an LL.B. degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and certification as an attorney, as well as an MPA in public administration from Harvard University. He is married with three children and lives in Ramat Raziel.


שירה כסלו מייסדת

Shira Kislev

Ms. Shira Kislev has extensive experience managing multi-sectorial projects in the non-profit sector. She was previously Vice president for research and development at Beterem – Safe Kids Israel, as well as representing the Ministry of Health in the European Child Safety Alliance – ECSA. Over the years, she has led national-level planning processes, including the construction of a national database in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Central Bureau of Statistics. Ms. Kislev managed planning process of the National Action plan for child safety that encompasses 16 government ministries and associated organizations, and developed a strategic preventative plan for local authorities. She has extensive experience managing projects in the public and non-profit sectors, and has served as mentor on behalf of the World Health Organization in implementing child injury prevention programs in China, Austria, Australia and New Zealand (Mentor VIP). Shira also specializes in stage lighting design and was lighting designer for the Playback Theater. She studied an MA degree in stage lighting design from Tel Aviv University. Ms. Kislev is married and lives in Ramat Gan.


דר מיכל חמו לוטם מייסדת

Dr. Michal Hemmo-Lotem

Dr. Michal Hemmo-Lotem is a pediatrician, specializing in medical innovation and in leadership and management in the digital environment. She is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in the public and non-profit sector in Israel. She found the Beterm – Safe Kids Israel organization and served as its first CEO. She is also a founder of the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance and was involved in the establishment and management of multiple organizations, including the Midot association, NPTech, Round Up, Clinic Plus, Women Wage Peace, and many others. Dr. Hemmo-Lotem teaches leadership and impact in various forums, mentors impact entrepreneurs in the fields of medicine and health and former Vice President for Innovation at the Sheba Medical Center. She is married to Dr. Zahi Lotem, also a pediatrician, and has six children.

National Goal: A Single digit percentage of smokers by 2030